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One of the main challenges faced by women in today's society is the trade-off between a career and pregnancy. Unlike men, women have to interrupt their careers as they are moving up the job ladder if they want to maintain a family. With the latest developments in assisted reproductive medicine, it is now possible to preserve fertility for a future pregnancy by freezing embryos or eggs to be used at a future date. Egg freezing or embryo freezing are methods allowing single or married women to plan a pregnancy 

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and we would get to pick the best ones for transfer. Combining a few cycles would also cost much less than undergoing a number of independent cycles.

Associate Professor Dr. Savas Ozyigit of North Cyprus IVF Clinic

Fertility treatments are like a multi variable equation. Key to success with IVF treatments depends on several criteria such as age of the patients, ovarian factors, uterine factors, immune system, sperm related factors and many more. Optimizing all conditions for a successful treatment relies heavily upon effective assessment of your fertility requirements and an understanding of how your own unique assessment can be manipulated using knowledge of human physiology. This is precisely why we work as a team for each case for an effective management of your condition. At North Cyprus IVF Center, you are not just a number! Your case is given specialized attention in order to get you the specialized treatment you need for success. Feel free to browse our "treatments" section for more information about our treatments.

As women age, so do their ovarian reserves, therefore, pregnancy after a certain age becomes very difficult. This is true for both natural conception and IVF pregnancies. If you look at IVF success rates for patients over 40, you see that the levels are not very promising. However, the success statistics are for one IVF cycle. If we combine the eggs obtained from a number of cycles and combine them together and proceed with one embryo transfer after a few IVF cycles, we would have a lot more embryos available for embryo transfer, 

North Cyprus IVF Center has a very long history since its original establishment as a woman's health and gynecology clinic in 1977. Over the years, our clinic has contributed to the science of medicine in its local setting by introducing firsts in its field. Dr. Savas Ozyigit, a pioneer in the field of medicine, thrives to excel in his field by continuously updating his knowledge and contributing to his society. As the very first doctor in Northern Cyprus to perform radical hysterectomy back in the earlier years in his career. As the first doctor to introduce bone densitometer in Northern Cyprus as a method for prevention against Osteoporosis, Dr. Savas Ozyigit received his specialty in fertility treatments and IVF in late 1990s and opened the very first IVF Clinic in North Cyprus.

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cycle without sufficient explanation behind reasoning. In this link, we briefly talk about some of the key medication we use during ovulation induction protocols and explain their purposes in an IVF cycle so that you as a patient know why you use each and every medication and what we expect from each specific medication when we prescribe them. (READ MORE)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Savas Ozyigit adds one more award to his collection of many! In November 2016, Prof. Ozyigit was announced as the winner of "Lifetime Achievement Award" in the field of medicine in a red carpet event organized in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Ozyigit received this award for his numerous contributions in the field of medicine and more specifically, in the field of assisted reproductive technologies. As the very first IVF trained specialist in Northern Cyprus, Savas Ozyigit introduced many firsts in IVF treatments in North Cyprus. Thanks to him and his services to the medical field, there are now more than 10 IVF specialists in the area, mojority of whom were trained personally by Prof. Ozyigit himself. 

North Cyprus IVF Center and success with IVF treatments with low cost.

Anyone who has been through or is planning an IVF cycle is more or less familiar with some of the jargon used in IVF treatments. There are different types of protocols such as "agonist" or "antagonist" geared toward different patient groups. These are often chosen by your fertility specialist based on many factors including age, hormone levels, previous reproductive history and other factors. This is the easier part! However, IVF clinics choose different medication brands and use various medication during an IVF

in more advanced age brackets using their own eggs. Egg freezing or embryo freezing are not only for career-driven or single women who would like to preserve their fertility to a future date. Freezing eggs or embryos is also an option for women undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer treatment since these treatments highly affect germ cells and therefore eggs. 

Associate Professor Dr. Savas Ozyigit, an award winning pioneer in the field of infertility management and treatments personally drafts the treatment protocol of each and every patient once a complete patien file has

egg freezing for fertility preservation. How much does it cost to freeze my eggs?

North Cyprus IVF has been offering various infertility treatments to patients with different treatment needs and requirements. Our dynamic team, led by Dr. Savas, always yearns to excel at its profession by continuously updating and improving knowledge. Our clinical studies and decades of experience in the field of infertility have allowed us to modify our treatments to our patients' unique needs as well as invent new techniques to increase your chances of success with IVF treatments. Our numerous awards including "Best fertility and IVF clinic in Cyprus", "Lifetime achievement", "Best IVF specialist" and "Superior customer service" awards are just an indication of how dedicated North Cyprus IVF Center is for making your dreams come true...

We hope that you will find our website helpful during your search for the right fertility treatment. Should you go for a less invasive IUI procedure? Should you opt for IVF treatment? What is the difference between IVF and ICSI? What are your chances of success with your own eggs? Or should you use donor eggs? You will find answers to all these questions on our website. Please review our website thoroughly for information on infertility assessment, choosing the right IVF treatment or a less invasive treatment option, success rates with various treatments as well as details on various infertility treatment options at North Cyprus IVF Center. Our clinic is also proud of offering you latest advancements in fertility treatments as well as FDA approved clinical trials such as Human growth hormone trial, stem cell therapy for non-obstructive azoospermia and IVF with cytoplasmic transfer. All our studies and clinical trials are based on scientific research and evidence based clinical data.

Below you will find information on our services and treatments. If you have any questions remaining unanswered after browsing our website, please Contact us here!

been presented to him by our team of experts at our case meetings. Therefore, you receive personalized care directly from Prof. Dr. Savas Ozyigit.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Savas Ozyigit, IVF specialist

Why North Cyprus IVF?

  • North Cyprus IVF Center has been a pioneer in the field of infertility treatments in the region as the very first IVF center, established in 1998.
  • As the clinic to introduce many innovations and new technology in the field of infertility, North Cyprus IVF Center is the ONLY award-winning IVF clinic on the island.
  • The cost of treatment at North Cyprus IVF Clinic is only a fraction of what it costs to have treatment in the US or the UK. 
  • Success rates at North Cyprus IVF Center has earned the clinic its well-deserved title as "Leading Egg Donor Clinic in Europe". 

IVF with egg donation is the type of IVF treatment where donor eggs are used instead of the patient's own eggs. There might be several reasons why donor eggs are needed during an IVF treatment. These include, but are not limited to, premature ovarian failure, removal or absence of ovaries, genetic conditions and repeated IVF failures with own eggs. Regardless what the reason might be, North Cyprus IVF Center offers pregnancy proven donors for couples seeking donor egg IVF treatment. 

IVF treatment in Cyprus at North Cyprus IVF Center

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It is no secret that every woman is born with a finite set of ovarian reserves and these reserves decline with age. Once a woman reaches 35 years of age, she is left with about 10% of her original ovarian reserves. While the quantity of eggs in the ovarian reserves decrease, so does the quality of the remaining eggs, making it more difficult to conceive and to maintain a pregnancy. Cytoplasmic tandem IVF offers a higher chance of success for 40+ patients using their own eggs while having donor eggs as back-up.

IVF medication - medication used in ovulation induction IVF protocols