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Rania Hmila
(Patient Coordinator)
​Rania is also one of our overseas patient coordinators. She works from home in Tunisia!
Marilou Sanches
(Nurse's Aide)
Marilous is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet! She is the person you see in recovery room.

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Julide Gurcimen
Julide is one of the most recent additions to our nursing team. She is the youngest of our team!
Tugba Eygi
Tugba is one of our amazing gynecology nurses. She has been with us for over fifteen years! 
Onsel Aktolga
(BSc, MSc)
​Mr. Aktolga is the senior embryologist who makes it happen at the IVF laboratory.
Niyazi Baser
Niyazi is most likely the first person you see in Cyprus! He will be picking you up at the airport!
Idil Aslan, Genetics North Cyprus

Our Videos

Dr. Ahmet Ozyigit
(BA, MA, MSc, PhD, MS-4)
​Dr. Ozyigit is clinical embryologist and a health care management specialist. He is the managing director.
Songul Cakir, North Cyprus IVF Nurse
Hanze Neara
(Patient Coordinator)
Hanze is a bubbly person! She is a very important part of our patient coordination team!
Angie Ali
(Patient Coordinator)
​Ms. Ali is the sunshine of our IVF coordination team, making sure you are happy with your treatment!
Janine Oakman
(IVF Coordinator)
​Ms. Oakman is a very experienced patient care manager and now runs our IVF coordination! 
Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Savas Ozyigit
Gynecologist and IVF Specialist, Prof. Ozyigit is the founder and director of our fertility hospital.

North Cyprus IVF Center (North Cyprus Fertility Clinic) is the leading IVF Clinic in Northern Cyprus. As the very first infertility center, North Cyprus IVF Center has always introduced firsts in its field. As the first IVF Center to have its own genetics laboratory and its research team, North Cyprus IVF center is now the first and only provider of the patented MicroSort sperm sorting technologies. 

Our IVF Center is fully equipped with latest technology and equipment designed to offer our patients highest chances of success with their infertility treatments. Being a research clinic, we are able to develop techniques and treatments to provide our patients with a high quality treatment along with highest chance of success possible. 

At North Cyprus IVF Center, it is very important that each and every patient receives a custom treatment geared for their unique infertility needs and requirements. For this end, we require that our patients undergo a series of tests before we can make an assessment of their treatment needs. Please do not trust clinics and so claimed IVF specialists who are willing to offer treatment without a thorough assessment of your treatment needs. Each and every patient is different and one prescription will not fit all! Just like we are unique in appearance and no two strangers are expected to look exactly the same, our biologies also work differently.

In this website, we recommend the following order of browsing so that you have a complete picture about what to expect from your treatment with us:

- Infertility: Please read the section about infertility and make sure that you are familiar with the concept as well as possible causes and diagnosis of infertility. Once you have an understanding, you will be able to better see for yourself what type of treatment is likely to yield a higher chance of success. 

- Treatments: Please review our treatment options and familiarize yourself with the IVF jargon! Learn about stages involved in each treatment option and what to expect in each treatment alternative.

- Contact us! Once you are ready to take the first step, do contact us and provide us with as much detail as you possibly can so that we can make a more effective assessment and help you success with your IVF journey!

Tugba Eygi, North Cyprus IVF Nurse
Dr. Idil Aslan
(BSc, MSc, PhD)
Dr. Idil Aslan is a geneticist. She is the director of all laboratories and manages the genetics unit.
Angie Ali, North Cyprus IVF Patient Coordinator
Onsel Aktolga, North Cyprus IVF Embryologist

North Cyprus IVF Center has received a number of awards since its establishment. We have been selected the "best fertility and IVF clinic in Cyprus", Dr. Savas Ozyigit has been selected the "best IVF doctor" in Cyprus and our clinic has been selected the "best healthcare establishment in Cyprus" in consecutive years. Due to our high success rates, especially in donor egg IVF treatment, our clinic has been named the "leading IVF clinic in Europe". So we are not only the best IVF clinic in Cyprus, we are also one of the best clinics in the world! Our success rates prove it!

Zeliha Sekerlisoy
(Patient Coordinator)
​Zeliha is the head of patient coordination for local patients. She has been with us over 16 years!
Prof. Dr. Savas Ozyigit of North Cyprus IVF
Zeliha Sekerlisoy, Turkish Patient Coordinator
Songul Cakir
Songul is also one of our gynecology nurses. She has been with us for more than three years!
Julide Gurcimen, North Cyprus IVF Nurse
Marilou Sanches, Nurse's Aide at North Cyprus IVF Clinic
Gul Konuralp
(BA, MA)
​Ms. Konuralp is our PR and Quality manager. She makes sure you hear how great we are and that we stay that way! 
Ahmet Ozyigit North Cyprus IVF
Gul Konuralp IVF Coordinator
Melis Huseyin IVF Nurse
Hanze Neara, North Cyprus IVF Public Relations
Dr. Eray Deliceirmak (MD)
Dr. Eray Deliceirmak is the in house anesthetist and is present during all operations. 
Fatos Gurkan IVF Coordinator North Cyprus IVF
Niyazi Baser
Maysa Torayeva 
Without Maysa, we wouldn't have our morning coffee and the world wouldn't be as peaceful :)
Fatos Gurkan
(Patient Coordinator)
​Ms. Gurkan is one of the patient care facilitators making sure you receive a perfect service!

A dream team to make dreams come true.

Rania Linda Hamila, North Cyprus IVF Patient Coordinator
Eray Deliceirmak