Traveling abroad for IVF treatment in Cyprus

Step by Step Treatment Guide

First Appointment at North Cyprus IVF Clinic

Step 1: Making the call.   
This is perhaps the most difficult stage of your treatment. Making the right decision necessitates having the right information. This website aims to provide you with the right information so that you can make an informed decision about handling your fertility treatment. On our website, you will find information about infertility, infertility assessment, treatment options as well as guidelines on how to improve your chances of success with treatment.

Step 2: Initial Consultation, Tests and Assessment.
Once you have decided to take action for managing your condition, you have then reached the most important and critical stage of your treatment. In this stage, you will be asked to undergo a series of infertility testing so that a proper assessment can be made by our experts when it comes to choosing the right course of action. This preliminary testing and screening is likely to be different for each patient depending on every patient's history if infertility, previous testing and/or treatment, possible history of repeated IVF failures or recurrent miscarriages, genetic conditions or any other relevant factor. This stage is going to shed light on which type of treatment is likely to maximize your chances of success. 

 Step 3: Medication Stage
After a thorough investigation and an assessment have been made, our experts at North Cyprus IVF Center will be able to identify the right mode of treatment suited for your specific needs. Once your treatment protocol has been prepared by our specialists, you will be provided with a prescription as well as a treatment calendar so that you can prepare for your treatment locally and come to Cyprus for about 5-6 days to finalize your treatment. During this preliminary stage, we will ask that you visit your local gynecologist for monitoring so that we can track the precise impact of medication use and make alterations if needed. If you do not have a local doctor, we may be able to recommend one based on your location. 

If you prefer to stay with us longer and have your entire treatment in Cyprus including the testing and medication stages, then we will ask you to come to Cyprus for a total of 20 days so that your entire treatment can be initiated and finalized at our IVF unit.

Step 4: Coming to Cyprus
At this point, you have gone through your medication stage and prepared for the rest of your treatment. Now you are ready to make the trip to Cyprus to finalize your treatment. We will assist you with your accommodation booking as well as your ground transfers while in Cyprus. You will have a driver to pick you up at the airport and take you to your accommodation of choice. You will be handed a folder of information which will specify when your appointment will be at the clinic.

Step 5: Medical Procedures: Egg Retrieval, Fertilization and Embryo Transfer
Once the eggs are fully developed, they are ready for retrieval. You (or your egg donor) will be sedated for this process. A scan probe is passed through the vagina and into the ovary under ultrasound guidance; the fluid from each follicle, which contains the egg, is extracted. It is usual to obtain an egg from about 80% of follicles. The retrieved eggs are fertilized with the sperm to be obtained from the male patient (or the sperm donor). Typically, 3 or 5 days after the egg retrieval procedure, embryos will be ready for the embryo transfer procedure. Normally, day 3 embryos are transferred at North Cyprus IVF unless otherwise requested. We have found that day 3 embryos offer the best balance between embryo growth and embryo count. Going into day five blastocyst stage is often preferred when patients have had previous IVF failures or when embryo growth is suspicious and more time is required to decide which embryos are likely to yield pregnancy. Using a vaginal speculum, the cervix is exposed, which is then cleaned. The culture medium containing the embryos is loaded in a catheter with a syringe on one end. The doctor carefully guides the catheter through the vagina and cervix, and carefully places the previously selected embryos into the uterus. Implantation begins about 3-4 days after the embryo transfer procedure.

 After about 12 days of the embryo transfer, we request that you get a blood test done for beta hCG, which is the pregnancy hormone which elevates during pregnancy. A beta hCG under 5 mIU/ml indicates that you are not pregnant. A level between 5 - 25 mIU/ml indicates possible pregnancy, which we advise to test again in a couple of days. A level higher than 25 mIU/ml indicates pregnancy. Once you get the good news, you simply dial the phone and let us know. Share the joy :)

IVF treatment in North Cyprus

Travel Tips

5-Star Lord's Palace Hotel

Price: Please Inquire

Space: Standard hotel room

Type: Breakfast included

Maximum Occupancy: 2 adults

Nearby: Pharmacy, Supermarket, Restaurants, beach, shopping district and major tourist attractions within walking distance.

Guest Rating: 9.4 out of 10

Golden Tulip Nicosia Hotel

During the preliminary stages of your treatment, our IVF specialists will analyze your test results and propose a treatment program in accordance with these test results and any other relevant information such as your previous treatment history, miscarriages (if any) and other relevant details. The treatment program will be delivered to you as a pdf file and it will include many details in terms of how to prepare for your treatment before you arrive in Cyprus. This treatment calendar will specify what needs to be done on a daily basis and which medication needs to be used on which day along with dosage information.

On your treatment calendar, we will let you know about important dates such as when abstinence needs to begin, when you need to arrive in Cyprus and when your first appointment in Cyprus will be. Based on these dates, you will be able to go ahead and book your travel dates. In most cases, our patients prefer to prepare locally and come to Cyprus for a shorter period of time to finalize their treatments. Some patients, on the other hand, prefer to have their entire treatment with us in Cyprus. If you are hoping to have all your preliminary tests, scans and use your medication here and then finalize your treatment, then your length of stay will be longer (approximately three weeks). You will be able to discuss all these options with your patient coordinator.

Once you know your travel dates, you will be able to book your flights. We offer complimentary airport transfers to and from ERCAN and LARNACA Airports. Ercan Airport is located in the North and does not require a visa except for African and Armenian nationals. Larnaca Airport is located in the South and is within the EU zone, therefore, requires visa to travel for most nationalities that are not in the EU. Arrival through Ercan is more convenient in terms of its proximity to our hospital but both airports receive free ground transfers. 

Lord's Palace Kyrenia Hotel
City Royal Hotel

Town House Accommodation

Price: 60 Euros per day

Space: 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, open plan kitchen and a bathroom

Type: Self catering

Maximum Occupancy: 5 people

Nearby: Pharmacy, Supermarket, Restaurants within walking distance.

Guest Rating: 8.6 out of 10

(Ideal for patients who plan for a longer stay as this accommodation options allow patients to cook their own meals)

5-Star Golden Tulip Hotel

Price: 95 Euros per day

Space: Standard hotel room

Type: Breakfast included

Maximum Occupancy: 2 adults

Nearby: Pharmacy, Supermarket, Restaurants and main shopping area within walking distance. Clinic 100 meters away.

Guest Rating: 8.8 out of 10

Cyprus can be very hot during summer. If you are traveling during the months of July and August, please keep in mind that temperatures can be up top 40 degrees celsius. While your accommodation options and our hospital have central heating and cooling, it is a good idea to either visit the beach during your free time or stay indoors until evening hours.

The electric plugs are the same as the UK electric plugs, therefore, no adaptors are necessary for patients traveling from the UK. However, if traveling from other parts of the world, it will be a good idea to have a EU-UK adaptor handy. Hotels usually have them but it's still a good idea to own one. 

Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world (voted 3rd safest), therefore, we don't have much crime. But of course it's never a good idea to carry too much cash on you when you are traveling.

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3-Star City Royal Hotel

Price: 60 Euros per day

Space: Standard hotel room

Type: Breakfast included

Maximum Occupancy: 2 adults

Nearby: Pharmacy, Supermarket, Restaurants within walking distance.

Guest Rating: 6.2 out of 10

Accommodation Options

North Cyprus IVF Town house accommodation

Travel Arrangements to Cyprus

Traveling for IVF treatment can be overwhelming. Let alone traveling, IVF treatment itself is a very emotional experience. There are so many things involved and so much to know before taking the first step. For this end, North Cyprus IVF Center aims to provide you with most accurate information so that you can make an informed decision about your fertility choices. 

Given that majority of our patients travel to Cyprus from abroad, we offer a very comprehensive treatment solution which includes assistance with local testing, free consults on your tests and assessment, formulation of a customized treatment program based on your specific needs and requirements, travel assistance and assistance with your accommodation while in Cyprus. Given the level of stress you are likely to have with your treatment, we take care of everything so you can relax and have a positive mindset for your treatment.

So what happens once you come to Cyprus? When is your first appointment at our IVF unit and what should you expect from your first appointment with us? The PDF document below outlines the events to take place during your first appointment and provides additional information on things such as egg retrieval, embryo incubation and embryo transfer. 

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