IVF with embryo donation refers to the use of an egg and a sperm donor during an IVF treatment. We use fresh egg donors for our embryo donation patients as it allows our patients to choose their own donors.

North Cyprus IVF Clinic offers pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening via next generation sequencing. NGS offers prevention against many genetic disorders including several cancer types related to gene mutations.

Treatments Offered at North Cyprus IVF Center

IVF treatment with Next generation sequencing for genetic disorders and single gene disorders.

IUI treatment is a non-invasive fertility treatment option where the eggs of the female patient are stimulated mildly for fertilization to take place later when the sperm is injected  into the uterus. 

Mini IVF treatment is a treatment option for female patients in the older age bracket whose egg reserves have been depleted. Mini IVF aims for a lower number but higher quality eggs. 

IVF/ICSI treatment refers to laboratory procedures of egg collection from the female patient and manual fertilization of the best quality eggs with the best quality sperm in the laboratory environment.

IVF treatment in Cyprus
Affrodable IVF with donor sperm or sperm donation abroad at North Cyprus IVF Center

IVF with egg donation, also referred to as donor egg IVF is a treatment option for women who cannot have a child with their own eggs. Egg donation at North Cyprus IVF has a success of 77%, the highest in Europe!

Success with Mini IVF at North Cyprus IVF Clinic
IUI (Artificial Insemination) Treatment at North Cyprus IVF Center.
Affrodable IVF with donor eggs or egg donation abroad at North Cyprus IVF Center
IVF with cytoplasmic transfer against mitochondrial DNA damage
IVF and ICSI Treatment success at North Cyprus IVF Clinic

Surgical sperm retrieval is for male patients who are diagnosed with azoospermia, which means there are no live sperm cells in the ejaculate. Depending on obstruction, with surgical sperm extraction methods, we may be able to  find viable cells. 

Azoospermia and sperm extraction methods. Surgical sperm retrieval through TESA, PESA and Micro TESE

Gender selection is a treatment offered at North Cyprus IVF centre for family balancing reasons as well as prevention of sex-linked diseases. We offer a number of gender selection treatment options depending on patients' needs. 

Gender Selection refers to choosing the sex of your baby with IVF or IUI. North Cyprus IVF offers sex selection via PGD and Microsort methods.

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Success with Tandem IVF Cycle at North Cyprus IVF Clinic

Tandem IVF is a treatment option for women with diminished ovarian reserves. It allows patients to use their own eggs as well as donor eggs in order to increase chances of success with treatment.

Cyprus America Surrogacy Services (CASS) offers a low cost gestational surrogacy program both for heterosexual and same-sex couples. This program is a collaboration between our clinic and an American surrogacy agency. 

IVF with sperm donation is the option for patients with male factor infertility. If the male patient has non-obstructive azoospermia and has no live sperm cells, then using donor sperm becomes an option.

Affordable gestational surrogacy abroad. Low cost surrogacy alternatives abroad.

North Cypus IVF Clinic is the first clinic ever to commerically offer this technological breakthrough since 2012. Cytoplasmic IVF is used for older patients as well as patients with mitochondrial DNA damage. 

Cheap, low cost IVF treatments abroad in Cyprus

As the leading IVF clinic in North Cyprus, we are proud to offer you the latest technological innovations in assisted reproductive technologies with highest success rates on the island. We realize that IVF success depends on many factors and we make sure that every single factor is accounted for when we design our treatment protocols. At North Cyprus IVF Center, you are not just a number. Our team will make sure you feel that you are receiving the level of care that you need from the moment that you contact our IVF coordination team.

The purpose of our website is to inform you about our practice, our procedures and the various fertility treatments we offer. We do not intend to diagnose or treat any condition via the information we provide on our website. It is important to understand that IVF treatments are a very unique experience and each patient deserves specialized care and attention. While we intend to provide you with some general information on our website, the treatment plan we will draft for you will be based on your unique history of infertility, your test results and many other considerations. Therefore, there tend to be elements that differ in each and every protocol we prepare for each patient. One prescription does not fit all, and you should refuse any doctor or clinic trying to offer you generalized treatment program. 

Below you will find information about various fertility treatments offered at North Cyprus IVF Center. Each treatment type targets a different patient group depending on certain specifications. Before deciding on a treatment option, it is very important to undergo some testing and screening in order to identify the most suitable type of treatment that specifically fits your treatment requirements.

Affrodable IVF with embryo donation or embryo adoption abroad at North Cyprus IVF Center
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